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Oil Production Engineering

ZJK Flow Measurement and Control Device

ZJK Flow Measurement and Control Device


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1. Overview

    ZJK series flow measurement and control device is mainly applied to the liquid flow and air flow of pressure pipeline, the steady flow of vapor stream, or automatic adjustment of voltage and remote monitoring, etc., especially suitable for steady flow of water injection or voltage regulation.


2. Main Functions
(1) Management Functions
    . Automatic Injection Allocation: After setting the daily volume of injection allocation for a well, the equipment can automatically adjust the water-injection flow, and complete the injection allocation.
    . Sand Prevention Against Spitting: Monitor the change of dry pressure and oil pressure, and then automatically shut off water injection flow channel, to prevent sand spit.
    . Automatic Inspection: Based on the set time, set and collect the data of dry pressure, oil pressure and water flow, and then transmit to the upper computer.
(2) Monitoring functions
    . Remote Control: Accept a remote command, and then achieve the opening, closing and injection allocation modification of the equipment.
    . Well Conditions Control: According to the set upper and lower limit value, real-time monitor the change of the dry pressure, oil pressure and flow, and then output alarm signal.
    . Automatic Water Filling: According to the day request of injection allocation volume, automatically fill water in the ones without sufficient injection volume.
(3) Safety Functions
    . Hand/Automatic Dual Mode: When power supply and circuit fail, manual mode can be used to adjust the change of the flow.
    . Data Protection When Power Supply Drops: Flow metering battery supplies power; water injection numerical records are not affected when power supply gets failure.
    . High-pressure Spray Adjustment: Grinding wheel valve core avoids the high-pressure spray corrodes the valve.
(4) Extended Functions
   . Cleaning Flow Reappearance: The equipment is detachable; all parts can be detached which is convenient for the flow channel cleaning manually.
   . Online Flow Measurement Detection: Equipped with standard measuring straight pipe, cooperated with the ultrasonic flow meter, it realizes on-line detection of flow meter.
   . Power Supply with Solar Energy: With Low power-consumption and power-saving working pattern, the operating circuit supports power supply with solar energy.
   . Water-absorption Curve Test: By adjusting the valve opening, automatically complete the well water-absorption curve test.
   . Pipeline Perforation Test: Through the diagnosis analysis, close the valve and give an alarm at the time of water-injection pipeline perforation.


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