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The Second Batch of PhD Students of Tsinghua University Have Finished Their Social Activities in Our Company

Two PhD students of Tsinghua University have finished their social activities in our company and have come back to their university on August 9, 2014.  

        This social activity is the second cooperation between our company and Tsinghua University. In five weeks of this social activity, our company has provided sufficient security for their practical work and accommodation. Two PhD students of Tsinghua University have developed their own talents and wisdom, they have been involved in the research of two related projects, have solved four technical problems, have submitted two technical investigation reports including 22,000 characters and have written one research paper. The leaders of Jingzhou Municipal Talents Office have spoken highly of the security that our company provided and the performance of two PhD students. Two PhD students are very satisfied with their work and lives in our company, they said they will keep in touch with our company after they come back to school and will conduct the joint research on the related projects continuously. 

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